Parents – Do You Know?

The National Parents Council post primary (NPCpp) is hosting a FREE Information Event for parents on Saturday 8th April 2017 in St Tiernan’s Community School, Balally, Dublin 16.

Parents - Do You Know? - NPCpp

Expert advice on Cyber-Bullying, Cyber-Aggression and how parents / guardians can support teenager. Debate on Parent and Student Charter Bill 2016

There is no doubt that social media, apps and online world play a big part in lives of young people today. But what if things go wrong? Recent media coverage highlighted the fact that many apps allow anonymous users to leave comments which can be cruel. Without any way to report or filter such comments, and under the protection of anonymity, developers of these apps create an ideal environment for cyber-bullying. And many teenagers are left devastated.

One in four teens in Ireland has been cyber-bullied according to the YouGov survey in 2015. Ireland has the 4th highest rate of teen suicide in Europe and self-harm is on the rise in teens. Are parents able to support their children when it comes to cyber-bullying and cyber-aggression?

Cyber-bullying is a big issue for parents,” says Rebecca Hemeryck, PRO of the National Parents Council post primary. “Many parents don’t know how the apps teenagers use nowadays work. While most parents would be familiar with how to use Facebook and Messenger app, our children are on SnapChat, Tinder, MeetMe…. the list is endless. And it is hard to keep up!

To help parents to understand what cyber-bullying is, how to support their teenagers when they experience any form of cyber-aggression, how cyber-bullying affects mental health of young people and much more. The National Parents Council post primary will host a FREE Information Morning for ALL PARENTS in St Tiernan’s Community School in Dublin 16 on Saturday 8th April 2017.

Registration is open here.

Expert speakers include Dr Stephen James Minton (Director of Research, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin) and Dr Mairéad Foody, (National Anti-bullying Research and Resource Centre, DCU). Full programme is available here.

In addition to advice and information on Cyber-bullying, the event will also provide parents with opportunity to have their say on the new developments in legislation and provide their feedback on Parent and Student Charter Bill 2016, which is currently undergoing a pre-legislative scrutiny by the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Education and Skills.

“The National Parents Council post primary welcomes the positivity of the proposals in the Parent and Student Charter as it places students in the centre of school life and respects and values the role of parents in education,” says Rose Callan, President of the National Parents Council post primary. “The Department of Education and Skills indicated that it will involve all stakeholders in development of Guidelines for Schools should the Parent and Student Charter getenacted. For that reason we are collecting feedback from parents online and face to face.”

The National Parents Council post primary published a national survey for parents on Parent and Student Charter on Thursday 23rd March 2017. To date the survey generated 300 responses. We encourage ALL PARENTS with children in post primary schools in Ireland to take part and have their voices heard.

The Parent and Student Charter survey is available here.


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