Exam Script Check 2019


This information applies to candidates taking the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied Programme only. Junior Certificate candidates do not have this option.

Will I be able to view my scripts this year?
Yes. The Viewing of Scripts service provides you with an opportunity to see how your script was marked in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to appeal your result. We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to view your script before making an appeal application. Viewing also gives you the opportunity to make comments for the attention of the appeal examiner.

The SEC will provide two Viewing of Scripts services this year:

  1. in schools for subjects marked on paper
  2. through the Candidate Self-Service Portal for subjects marked online.

The application process is the same for both services. The application to view must be made through the Candidate Self Service Portal by the deadline of 5pm on Friday 16th August.

You will also have access to the marking schemes.

Will I have access to my oral and practical marks?
Yes. We will update the results file on the Candidate Self Service Portal from 10am on Wednesday 14th August to provide not only the grade but the final mark awarded to each individual component within a subject. This includes marks for orals, practicals, projects, coursework and written papers in the same subject (paper 1, paper 2).

Is it essential that I view my scripts if I wish to appeal?
No. An appeal application may be made without having viewed the script. However, the viewing facility provides a candidate, who may feel that his/her grade does not fully reflect his/her performance on the day of the examination, with an opportunity to see how the marking scheme was applied to the work.

Can anyone else view my script?
Only if they are accompanying you to the viewing. As the candidate concerned you must first decide whether or not you wish to view a script and then you must be present in person at the viewing centre in order to do so. Your scripts will not be released to any other person even with your permission. You may wish to take particular note of this requirement when making holiday arrangements.

Where can I view my scripts?
Paper Marked scripts will be returned to the examination centre where you sat your examinations. To view scripts which have been marked online these will be available through the Candidate Self Service Portal. We will provide online access to view these Scripts over the same period 5pm Tuesday 20th until 5pm Wednesday 21st August in line with the viewing of paper marked scripts in schools.

Can I make a copy of my script(s)?
Yes. You are permitted to bring in a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera for the purpose of copying your own Paper script(s). You must not make copies of anyone else’s scripts even with their permission. You are not allowed to use the digital device for any purpose other than copying the script.

What will I see when I view a script that has been marked online?
You will see a digital image of your script which will include a report of the marks assigned to each question (or part, sub-part, etc.) according to the marking scheme.

How do I apply to view scripts?
You can only apply to view your scripts through the Candidate Self Service Portal. The viewing of scripts application service will be available from. 9am Wednesday 14th August and will close at 5pm Friday 16th August 2019. You will need your username and password which you will get when you register on the Candidate Self Service Portal.

Is there a fee for this service?
No. This service is provided to candidates without charge.

What happens next – paper marked scripts?
An Organising Superintendent has been appointed by the SEC to your school. Their role is to organise the Viewing service in the school. They will contact you by email and assign you to one of the three viewing sessions in advance of the viewing period. They have also been provided with your phone number which they may use to contact you as a contingency. The viewing sessions are:
Session 1. Tuesday 20th August from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Session 2. Wednesday 21st August from 9.00 am to 12 noon
Session 3. Wednesday 21st August from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Please take note of these dates and times as it is not possible to arrange viewing of scripts on any other date or time. If you do not receive an email confirming a viewing appointment before the viewing sessions commence, you should contact the Organising Superintendent in the school where you sat your written examinations.

What happens next – Online marked scripts?
If you make an application to view scripts which have been marked online these script(s) will be available through the Candidate Self Service Portal. Access will be provided to view these Scripts over the same period 5pm Tuesday 20th until 5pm Wednesday 21st August in line with the viewing of paper marked scripts in schools.

What else do I need to know about viewing my marked script(s)?
Click here to download the detailed information note for candidates viewing marked scripts.


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