Constituent Bodies

The NPCpp is a voluntary organisation that gives a national voice to parents of young people in post primary schools in Ireland.

The post primary system consists of schools under the patronage of Catholic Voluntary Schools, Religious Minority Schools, Schools run by the Christian Brothers, Community and Comprehensive Schools, and Education & Training Board (ETB) Schools.

Each of these sectors established a governing body which nominates representatives to the NPCpp.


COMPASS represents parents/guardians who choose to educate their children in schools or colleges which promote a Protestant or minority ethos. There are 27 affiliated COMPASS schools in the Republic of Ireland, and most have elected parents/guardians representation on the Boards of Management in their respective schools. As partners in the representation of Parents/Guardians to other educational stakeholders COMPASS has 4 Directors who sit on the Board of the NPCpp.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors as representatives of the COMPASS group of schools are Julie Carr (Hon.Sec of COMPASS), Paul Rolston (Deputy President of COMPASS), Shane Bennett (PRO of COMPASS) and Alan Mulligan (ordinary member of COMPASS)

For more information on COMPASS visit their website

The Education and Training Boards Schools National Parents’ Association (ETBsNPA)

The Education and Training Boards Schools National Parents’ Association (ETBsNPA) was established in 1985 as a voluntary organisation representing the interests of parents/guardians of second level students in the vocational sector. The local School Association is the foundation stone of ETBsNPA. Through these School Associations the ETBsNPA promote respect and co-operation with all other partners of education such as students, Board of Management, teachers and principals. They also promote and support the greater involvement of parents/guardians in all aspects of education through the Association and the wider channels of the National Parents Council post primary.

Currently representing the ETBsNPA at the Board of the NPCpp are: Noel Keenan (President ETBsNPA), Geoff Browne (Assistant Secretary ETBsNPA), Helen Macken (Secretary ETBsNPA) and Francisse Walshe (ordinary member of ETBsNPA).

For further information on the ETBsNPA please visit their website

The Catholic Secondary Schools Parents Associations (CSSPA)

The Catholic Secondary Schools Parents Associations (CSSPA, formerly FCSSPA) is the representative body for Parents/guardians with children in Catholic Voluntary Secondary schools in Ireland. The CSSPA promotes the interests of parents/guardians and their children in the Catholic Voluntary Secondary School sector at local, regional and national level. It comprises of local school parents’ councils, regional councils and a national executive.

Currently on the Board of Directors of NPCpp, CSSPA is represented by Paul Beddy (President of CSSPA), Sean O’Riordan (Vice-President CSSPA), Mai Fanning (ordinary member CSSPA), Julie Walls (ordinary member CSSPA) and Kevin Finn (ordinary member CSSPA).

For more information on CSSPA please visit their website


This Association represents parents/guardians of students in 95 Community and Comprehensive Schools. The structure of the PACCS association comprises of local, regional and national. At local level each school’s PA nominate two of their members to represent them at regional level. The regional level consists of 7 regions: Dublin, Southeast, Southern, Midlands North, Midlands South, Western, Northwest and Northeast. From these nominees a committee is appointed to carry out the duties as outlined by the parents from the regional level.

At national level PACCS is represented by 4 Directors who form an integral part of the Board of Directors of the NPCpp. Currently serving on the Board of NPCpp are: Martina O’Shea (President of PACCS), Rebecca Hemeryck (ordinary member of PACCS), Elaine Bell (Treasurer of PACCS) and Brendan Dennehy (ordianary member of PACCS).

For more information about PACCS visit their website


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